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Last week I was at the Caribbean Developer Conference (@caribbeandevcon) in Punta Cana and it was an amazing experience. The agenda was great, and I was lucky to assist to a couple of sessions like the one leaded by Phil Hack (@haacked), Scott Hanselman (@shanselman), Andres Pineda (@ajpinedam), Cecil Phillip (@cecilphillip) and Jessica Deen (@jldeen).

There were lots of amazing moments, like the moment I meet Scott Hanselman and also have the chance to chat with him for Channel 9 (@ch9) about Computer Vision. If you are Microsoft Developer, you know that this is a big moment, however it was even bigger for me. Let’s take a look at this picture and I’ll explain you why this is important.

Note: Special thanks to Kaitlin McKinnon and Cecil Phillip for setting up this video recording!

You probably noticed that my daughter Martina was also there. She was part of the interview! Scott was an amazing host, and we talked about how we can use Image Recognition systems in day to day scenarios, like garbage bin detection, smart parking lots and even to track our cat at home.

And now is the moment to stop the tale and s think about this.

A 9 years old girl is somehow going to be part of one of the most amazing event ever, and … she is going to be on TV (which, by the way, keep her extremely !) After all this experience, she was very excited. Imagine a 4.5 hours flight back home talking about this, what a great experience!

Even today, as soon as we get back to Canada, she brings a couple of her friends after school, asked for my parking garage toy and she explained them how the camera system works.

They even started to design a system to track squirrels and other animals on our backyard. I’m guessing that I’ll have a new set of challenges during the next winter.

There tons of activities you can do to help kids and girls to love STEM. I know that I’m lucky that I can bring my kid to these events. That’s why, if you can, I strongly encourage to bring your kids (and/or your kid’s friends) to these events. Share moments with them, introduce them to the speakers, attendees, helpers, etc on the event. They will learn new stuff; they will share some amazing ideas, and this is an amazing path for them to learn and know STEM!

See you in the next video:

Update: Today is also the International Girls Day !!!

Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/shinyasuzuki/33624461422

And because I don’t want to miss anyone, I’ll share this tweet with almost all the speakers

And share some names I collected (in Pokemon mode!)

Ben Greenberg (@RabbiGreenberg), Denny Perez (@dennyperez18), Grace Jansen (@gracejansen27), Hector Minaya (@HectorMinaya), Glaucia Lemos (@glaucia_lemos86), Julissa Mateo (@julissammateo), Jeff Blankenburg (@jeffblankenburg), Kaitlin McKinnon (@KaitlinMcKinnon), David Neal (@reverentgeek), Jairo Munoz (@Jairo_Esmerlin) and many more … !

Happy coding !

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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