#Personal – My first and amazing #CodeMash


Last week I was lucky enough to attend my first CodeMash (www.codemash.org). The experience was amazing, you just have to see the agenda and the speakers to see the quality of the event.

An interesting detail of the event is that it takes place in Ohio, in January. In other words, it is so cold and there is so much snow outside, that the only option you have is to stay at the event, attend the sessions and do networking, a lot networking.

The format of the sessions is quite interesting. The event starts on a Tuesday with 2 days of PreCompilers. These are all-day workshops around topics like Xamarin, AI, Containers and more. Never more than a 7 or 8 hour shift on a topic to have a intro On it.

codemash 19 bruno session

On Thursday, sessions begin in a more traditional way: sessions of 45 or 60 minutes. I was fortunate to have the 1st shift (08:00 AM!) to talk about Computer Vision. And during these days also take advantage to attend a couple of sessions. I liked a lot, but only mention 3:

  • The team of http://www.infernored.com/ did a great demo from scratch with Python and a RaspberryPi.
  • As always it was a pleasure to attend Jennifer’s session (@jennifermarsman) of AI for Earth. There are lot of incredible projects around make our world a better place, and I think we don’t care about this enough 😀
  • Kudos for Guy Rose (@guyroyse ) for his session [Deep Learning like a Viking]. It is not easy to do a Deep Learning session in fun and entertaining format, Guy has done it!

codemash 19 deep learning like a viking

The Weather forces you to stay all the time inside the hotel. If you are traveling with the family, this may seem like a problem, however the hotel has a Indoor WaterPark which is the ideal fun activity for children. I thought my kids would be all day in the WaterPark, but when they saw the agenda of the KidzMash, they spent all Day at the event.

KidzMash have sessions specially created for children and ranging from how to use duct Tape to 3d modeling and printing, just check the agenda http://www.codemash.org/kidzmash-schedule/.  It is something really amazing, for me it was a surprise and from here I want to thank you and congratulate the team CodeMash for this special flavor for children.

codemash 19 kidzmash

Another amazing place was the Game Room and the Laser Tags. We may need to be there until 02:00 AM to finish a 1000 pieces puzzle !

codemash 19 game room

I really recommend seeing the agenda, you may find sessions like the following ones:

  • [KidzMash] Systems Thinking for Kids
  • [KidzMash] Building Your First Video Game with Bloxels
  • [KidzMash] Gotta Catch ‘Em All!  Raspberry Pi and Java Pokemon Training

To finish, I don’t want to forget that I also had the opportunity to meet other MVPs from North America. Dinner in between and with amazing experiences.

codemash 19 mvp dinner

99% sure I’ll be at CodeMash 2020 !!!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

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