#MVPBuzz – Renewed as Microsoft MVP, 11 years and in Artificial Intelligence & Windows Development!

el bruno session mvp logoHi!

A couple of days ago, my Twitter TL was flooded with congratulations to the MVPs. In my case I was lucky enough to be recognized one more year. This year in the Windows Development and Artificial Intelligence categories .

I have to thank the entire Canada Microsoft Community who have helped me a lot during the period of adaptation, also to the Canadian MVPs who are incredible people, my colleagues from Avanade Canada, all the Spanish MVPs and all the other countries where I have a great relationship. And obviously, to my family which have tons of patience, to support me in every one of my new adventures.

Well, now it’s my turn to raise my Artificial Intelligence level and keep learning, sharing and looking for new solutions!

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto > Calgary > Castlegar > Calgary > Toronto

El Bruno

PS: Today I arrived at the airport of Toronto at 04:00 am and I am about to make 4 flights in 2 days, so it is very possible that I do not finish my Machine series Learning, UWP, Yolo on Windows 10 until Thursday.

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