#Personal – USB Hub with On/Off switch, one of the best ideas ever !

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Hi !

Every single day I have connected to my main PC at least 5 or more different USB devices. In example:

  • Logitech Brio WebCam
  • SENNHEISER SP 30 Speakerphone
  • USB BT and Wifi Dongle
  • and more…

And, depending on my current work, I also connect and disconnect extra devices. These days, I’m playing with Thermal Camera, so an extra camera, a Raspberry Pi and other devices are part of the pack.

Thermal detection as soon as a person is detected

So, several devices connected and, I also think about security. How a connected camera 24×7 may be an entry point for an attach. My Logitech Brio has a nice lid to cover the entry, but the old LifeCam is just a plain camera.

Microsoft LifeCam and Thermal Camera

And, these cameras also have microphones, so that’s another entry point that I can hardly connect. I mean, I can open my Device Manager settings and disable each device, however this is not an easy and pleasant task to do.

This is my device manager configuration at any time of the day for my Audio Devices, and I only need the selected 2.

Audio Devices in Windows 10
Audio Devices in Windows 10

I created a couple of PowerShell scripts to disable the extra devices, however these are not very reliable and in random times, I get an amazing Green Screen Of Death (Windows Insider version of BSOD)

windows 10 insider blue screen of the dead
Windows 10 Insider G Screen Of Dead

After doing some digging I found what is the best solution for my pain

An USB Hub with On/Off switchs for each entry

Usb hub for PC with also chargers

As you can see on the image, I have the USB with several connected devices to my PC (blue lights) and I’m also using one of the Power entries to power one Raspberry Pi (red lights).

USB Hub Ports

The USB hub also have an optional 12V/4A power adapter that can provide charging power up to 2.4A.

And, this is not an sponsored post, however I’m so happy to found a simple solution to enable / disable devices that I think it will make sense to share !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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