#Office – New Microsoft Word editor helps support Inclusive Language.

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I already write about some cool features embedded in Office to help us to be more productive. These features are mostly based on Artificial Intelligence. And one great example is the Microsoft Word Editor feature.

Today I was reading an article “New AI tools help writers be more clear, concise and inclusive in Office and across the web” (see references) , and I realize that the Microsoft Word Editor focus not only on productivity, it also help us to fight bias and to be more inclusive while we are writing.

Important: this feature is not enabled by default. In order to enable this, we must follow these steps “

  • Open Word Options
  • Select Proofing section
  • Go to [When correcting spelling …. / Writing Style] option
  • Open Settings
  • Enable the [Inclusiveness] options
enable Inclusiveness options in Microsoft Word

Once we enable these features, the editor will start to analyze for age bias, cultural bias, and more.

I’ve tested this, and it’s nice to get suggestions based on gender bias, like use firefighter instead of fireman.

suggestion change fireman by firefighter

It also suggest other options if we are using “whitelist”

suggestion, do not use whitelist

In the references sections, I shared 2 amazing articles where Microsoft explains the details about this feature.

And, in the personal side, this is also a great tool for non-english speakers like myself, to learn Inclusiveness and also to do a better work.

Super cool !

Happy coding!


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