#Office – Acronyms pane in Word, another amazing example of #AI embedded in our day to day tools – Powered by Microsoft Graph!


Today’s post is, one more time, related to some amazing Artificial Intelligence features embedded in Microsoft Office. And this is very helpful if you work in an organization with tons of Acronyms. I’m sure, you have your own set of acronyms at different levels: Team, Group and Organization.

When you are new to this Acronyms, is very hard to get up to date with all of them. That’s why the Acronyms feature in Word is very important, it may help us and save us lot of time!

The Acronyms page is the [References] tab in the Ribbon, or you can just search for it.

Search for Acronyms Pane in Word

Once, you enabled the pane, it will analyze the text of your Word document and also analyze the definitions mostly used on your organization to get a sense of “what can be an Acronym“. It will leverage the Microsoft Graph to surface definitions of terms that have been previously defined across emails and documents.

The results are amazing:

Word Acronyms page results

Another amazing example of AI in our day to day use.

Happy coding!

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