#Office – Another cool #Outlook Feature: review links and email participants before send an email

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I already write about some cool features embedded in Office to help us to be more productive. Some of them are AI based, and others are so simple and useful, like this one, that they deserve a post.

This is a classic one: we are trying to avoid big attachment in emails, if you are still attaching files to your emails, please STOP. Instead of attaching files, we store these files in OneDrive or Sharepoint, and we share the link.

One extra step here, is validate the permissions for the file or folder. You don’t want to share a file, and forget to grant permissions to the desired audience.

That’s why, now Outlook will check the links that you embed in your email body and the recipients of your email and show the following message if some recipients don’t have access to links in the message.

Super cool !

Happy coding!


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  1. How do I disable this check?
    It’s breaking my automation for sending internal company emails with included sharepoint links. forces me to stop for 2-3 seconds every email in order for outlook to do this check.


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