#Office – An amazing example of the power of #AI inside #Powerpoint

Hi !

There are tons of demos about amazing using of Artificial Intelligence. I always try to choose and show the ones, who can be easily translated into our day to day experience. That´s why the option [Design Ideas] in Power Point is an amazing demo on how to use this.

In the following video, we can see how I start with a simple blank slide with 3 text bullets, and then how the [Design Ideas] tool transform this slide in a much better one, and it also even add related icons to new Design!

Powerpoint design ideas

Just in case, this is the original slide

powerpoint slide original

And this is the output

powerpoint slide updated

If you want to know more about [Design Ideas] the following article explains all the scenarios behind this

Create professional slide layouts with PowerPoint Designer

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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