#RaspberryPi – Visual Studio Code blank screen is fixed on version 1.42. Thanks @headmelted! @code

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When I wrote about how to install Visual Studio Code on a Raspberry Pi, there was an error on the app running on the device: the tool opened and display a black window.

We needed to manually go back to version 1.29 to avoid this problem. And we also forgot to apply any updates, each new version still have the black window error.

I was following the issue on GitHub, and I was happy when a few days ago, it was solved by headmelted (link https://github.com/headmelted/codebuilds/issues/67#issuecomment-563335451).

I’ve updated the app to the latest version (1.42.0), and it was working fine.

raspberry pi 4 visual studio code version 1.42 running fine

If we check the apt list, we can find a specific detail of the running version with the command

sudo apt list --installed | grep -i code-oss
raspberry pi 4 apt list for code -oss return 1.42

So, please go and thank headmelted by the amazing work he is doing!

Happy coding!


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