Comparing Azure Kubernetes Networking Scenarios – Part 1 Intro

My good friend Roy sharing amazing contents about Azure Kubernetes …

Roy Kim on Azure and Microsoft 365

In Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), I personally found the networking concepts much to understand and the configuration options are varied. After reading and experimenting with the configuration options, I hope to clear things up with 3 network oriented AKS configuration profiles I have come up with. Note that I won’t be covering App Gateway Ingress Controller as advanced option, but I plan to cover it in a different blog post series.

I will walk through and show its effects on some of the Azure resources such as the Load Balancer, Virtual Network and VM’s network interface card. I will give my own insight into the configuration profiles and draw up some conclusions and opinions at the end of this blog post series.

The following illustrates the model architecture that 3 configuration profiles are based out of.

Let’s look at the following AKS settings as they appear in the Azure…

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