#MLNET – Hello World in ML.Net, Machine Learning for .Net !


I can not wait to start writing a little more about ML.Net. For now just a couple of code snippets to show how simple and fast it can be

Starting with a set of data with ages to classify babies and kids, in a CSV file. All based on my personal criteria

0 3 baby
1 3 baby
3 3 baby
4 6 kid
6 8 kid
5 9 kid
6 10 kid
9 10 kid

And now a little magic with ML. A .Net Core Console application where we create a LearningPipeline and train it with the previous CSV information

using System;
using Microsoft.ML;
using Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Api;
using Microsoft.ML.Trainers;
using Microsoft.ML.Transforms;
namespace MlNetConsole01
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
var agesRangesCsv = "AgeRangeData.csv";
var pipeline = new LearningPipeline
new TextLoader<AgeRangeData>(agesRangesCsv, separator: ","),
new Dictionarizer("Label"),
new ColumnConcatenator("Features", "AgeStart", "AgeEnd"),
new StochasticDualCoordinateAscentClassifier(),
new PredictedLabelColumnOriginalValueConverter {PredictedLabelColumn = "PredictedLabel"}
var model = pipeline.Train<AgeRangeData, AgeRangePrediction>();
var prediction = model.Predict(new AgeRangeData()
AgeStart = 1,
AgeEnd = 2
Console.WriteLine($"Predicted age range is: {prediction.PredictedLabels}");
prediction = model.Predict(new AgeRangeData()
AgeStart = 7,
AgeEnd = 7
Console.WriteLine($"Predicted age range is: {prediction.PredictedLabels}");
public class AgeRangeData
[Column(ordinal: "0")]
public float AgeStart;
[Column(ordinal: "1")]
public float AgeEnd;
[Column(ordinal: "2", name: "Label")]
public string Label;
public class AgeRangePrediction
public string PredictedLabels;

Below we check a couple of predictions with Age Ranges that are not part of the original CSV


Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno




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