#MLNet – Looking at data in the Pipeline in version 0.7.0


With the new changes In Machine Learning.Net with the 0.7.0 version, the ability to peek in the data while is processed in each step of the pipeline is a little more complicated. A while ago, explain how we could do this in the post [Understanding the step bystep of Hello World]. However, ML.Net now uses Lazy objects, so it is not possible to debug in this step-by-step mode.

One of the options that we have available, is detailed in the ML.Net Cookbook, in the section [How do I look at the intermediate data?] and a complete explanation can be read in [Schema comprehension in ML.NET]

Well, the machine Learning.Net team has created a series of operations that can help us with these scenarios in the class [https://github.com/dotnet/machinelearning-samples/blob/master/samples/csharp/common/ConsoleHelper.cs]. In the following example, based on the examples of my Machine Learning.Net sessions, I use these functions to display the first 4 rows of the initial data set and also to display the values created for the Features column

So far, it works 😀

Happy Coding.

Greetings @ Microsoft IoT

El Bruno


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