[#GALILEO] HowTo: Configure credentials in #Windows10 to access the Intel Galileo as a network resource


Let’s move on with the Intel Galileo series of posts:

Today I’ll show you to cope with the possible errors of authentication that we encounter when we access the Galileo as a network resource. One of the options to access is displaying the shortcut menu in Galileo Watcher app, and selecting Open Network Share


Another option is to try to access with a command of the style \\< IP Address >\C$. In both cases we can get some errors like


Launching external program failure:
The user name or password is incorrect



The account is not authorized to log in from this station.


There is plenty of roots for this errors. As a sample, I’ll show how to force Windows to access the resource with a set of specific credentials to this IP and let’s see if it fixes the error.

Access to Control Panel \ User Accounts \ Credential Manager


And in the Windows Credentials section, add a new entry with the data that we define when you create the bootable SD.


And ready! now already we can access our Galileo as if it were a network resource


Incredible the first time you can see the list of files so typical of Windows in a device of this type!

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno



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