[#GALILEO] HowTo: Create a SD bootable to work on #Intel Galileo and #VisualStudio


While I put some order after 4 great hours I’ve spent this morning with people Training Tajamar, take the opportunity to put something that we could not finish this morning the Camp. It’s creating an SD card to start our Intel Galileo and be able to work with the same Visual Studio 2013.

After you have updated the firmware of the Gailleo (post), the following will create the bootable SD. Image to the SD is within the files that we download from http://windowsondevices.com and the step by step is detailed here. In my case I left the zip files in [c:\Windows Developer Program for IoT\].

The following is to identify the slot where we have our MicroSD card, in my case is the disk D:\. The ejeutar command is as in the following example.

C:\Windows Developer Program for IoT >apply-bootmedia.cmd – destination d:\ – image
9600.16384. x86fre. winblue_rtm_iotbuild. 141114-1440_galileo_v2.wim -hostname myg
I alileo – password admin


It is important to highlight in the same as if we decided to change the name of the hostname by something other than “mygalileo”, then you will have to modify the settings in Visual Studio projects use the correct name.

Another important point is that the SD card must be formatted or clean, but can be used with the following error


Well, with these considerations in mind, we can already launch the script, and after 20 minutes we will have list our SD card for use with the Galileo.


Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno


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