[#GALILEO] Launching apps in the device with #Telnet and analyzing the #debug in the command promt


Let’s move on with the Intel Galileo series of posts:

When we created the app “Hello World” in the previous post, Visual Studio deploy and launch the app when we use the debug mode. To launch the app without Visual Studio, you can use Telnet (seen in post 4) with the following steps

1 open a console of commands in administrator mode

2 launch the command

Telnet < name or IP of the device >

3 insert the username and password that we use when we create the SD (post 3)

4. by default the apps that we created in visual studio are deployed to the directory [c:\test], so we must navigate to it to find our app


5. we launched the app


6. If we remember a little code example, in it we changed the LED ON and OFF state. In every change we also used the Log() statement to send debug information.


In Visual Studio this information is in the Output panel, and if we launch the app from the telnet console you should see it in the console. As always a video is better than all this post

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno


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