[#GALILEO] #HowTo: install #Intel Galileo drivers in #Windows10


Although Windows 10, shares much of its core with Windows 8, is very likely that some programs or drivers do not work correctly. In my case, what I find is that the drivers of Intel Galileo installer will not work. So the time comes to install the drivers hand.

In the case of the Intel Galileo, to be recognised as a USB Device is sufficient to work with Arduino projects, however for more advanced projects it is necessary to use Galileo drivers. When I open the Device Manager, I can see in it that my device is recognised as USB Serial Device on COM 4 port.


To update the drivers, I select this node, display the contextual menu and select Update Driver Software. In the wizard, select the option Browse my computer… and finally select the drivers from the path [$\arduino-windows-1.0.4\hardware\arduino\x86\tools\]. Where is this path given by the installation package that detail in my previous post.


After you complete the wizard, you will see that the Driver is installed correctly.


And at this time the Galileo it appears correctly in the USB category with the correct driver.


Greetings @ Barcelona

/El Bruno



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