[#GALILEO] Connecting #Windows10 and #Intel Galileo


After you create an SD card bootable, as I explained in the previous post, the next thing is to start the Intel Galileo using this SD. The interesting thing about this, is that if we use the image of Windows on Devices program, this Galileo firmware is 100% compatible for the development of apps in Windows.

We begin by connecting a network cable between the Galileo and the computer where we have the tools installed.We then put the SD in Galileo and finally the power in it.


After that the Galileo to start (this takes a few minutes) we will see that the Galileo Watcher app, detects a device in the network and we can start to work with it.


If you select the Galileo, we will see that we have several options to interact with the same.


We can see the IP address, MAC Address, open a telnet console, access the device as if it were a network resource, or open a browser that shows a list of active tasks in the Galileo, a list of files, or even report memory usage statistics.

Intel Galileo Options

Another interesting option is the open telnet on the device and in this way to “play with the galileo”.


By the way, the username and password to access the Galileo are those defined when you create the SD card.

And finally, the following video describes a very complete step-by-step to work with Windows and Intel Galileo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrRMomesBKM

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno


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