[#Tools] #JetBrainsRider, C# IDE from #ReSharper creators

Hello! Today's plan was to post something related to Xamarin code and Beacons, however the following news deserves a full post. So here it is: The people of JetBrains has just confirmed that they are going to release an C# development IDE. It's simple. According to the original story, the IDE will be based on the JVM so [...]


ENG [#CLION] #JetBrains new IDE for C/C++

Hello! I wrote a post a couple of days ago about how ReSharper for Visual Studio now supports C++, and now JetBrains team has just published a very nice IDE for your C/C++ projects. This new product name is CLion and is quite interesting. On the home page of the product, are all the most important features, so take a look. [...]

ENG [#VS2015] String Interpolation and #ReSharper, you must love it!

Hello! A few days ago I wrote a post about one of the new capabilities that we have thanks to Roslyn: [String.Format () vs String Interpolation]. As a final conclusion, if you want to share code with Visual Studio 2013, you should not use it. However, today ReSharper encourages me to use the String Interpolation feature because is [...]

[#VS2015] String Interpolation and #ReSharper, you must love it !!!

Hola ! Hace unos días escribí un post sobre una de las nuevas capacidades que tenemos gracias a Roslyn: [String.Format() vs String Interpolation]. Al final, resulta que si hay que compartir código con VS2013, pues lo mejor es no utilizarlo. Sin embargo, hoy ReSharper me anima a seguir utilizándolo ya que una de las opciones [...]