[#VS2015] A little about #Roslyn, #ReSharper 9.0 RTM available and now is part of a very cool suite ;)


With the arrival of Roslyn, Visual Studio 2015 as IDE was able to take a big step and incorporate some tools that are in the line of “code / syntax helpers” very similar to the ones we know in ReSharper. For example, the Syntax Tree Visualizer is an interesting one. Also, now that compilers for C# and VB.Net are open source, the creation of these extensions is something that we will certainly see much in the future. (it is only necessary to navigae here once in a while)

For example, the typical action of “remove unnecessary usings” is now much more complete when we deploy it.

RS 01

We can see that in addition to a menu where it offers us the action of removing the unnecessary usings, we also have the option to do it at the level of file, project, or solution. Another scenario where we can change a concatenation of strings horrilble to use a string.format () is also possible, in this case thanks to Refactory.One

rs 04

As I said before, this kind of actions we know them of ReSharper.Y clear, as always in these cases ‘pressure’ passes to extension to see with that is surprising in the new version. In this case in version 9, the first thing that will get us attention is that ReSharper is no longer an isolated product and becomes part of “JetBrains .net Tools“. What personally I seems great. The JetBrains guys typically make very good products and have a same installer R #.dotTrace, dotCover and dotPeek, is already on a great idea.

RS 02

And then he comes to see the new ReSharper 9. The first thing we find is obvious: support for Visual Studio 2015.And of course, in addition to actions “basic” friends of JetBrains give an overview of C# 6.0 with new features and more than interesting scenarios (here there is a full post on the subject).

This is the complete listing of new features, and although I haven’t used it much there are a couple of features that are interesting

-Regular Expression Validator

Needless to say that I belong to 99% of the population to Hate regular expressions. Although they can be something very useful for basic tasks like validate an email, when we started using for replaces strange, since SkyNet begins. There are many tools to validate regular expressions (e.g. RegExBuddy), now well of R # has the touch of JetBrains and is very well integrated within the IDE.

rs 05

-Fix in Scope

As before, I mentioned that the fix of usings supports such actions to level document, project, or solution. Now see as R # improve it a little more and give us these options for the “Fix in Scope”.

rs 06

The best is that the trial is still 30 days, now with the option to “pause” the same. For example in the weeks of Christmas where it will not work neither the tato 😉

rs 07

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

Bonus Track.

Roslyn’s is amazing. There are projects like Code-Cracker allowing to have all the power of a code Analyzer at time of build (scenarios of CI are spectacular), others as NR6 Pack where we can see that in addition to being a good platform of refactoring actions, are thinking about migrating to MonoDevelop with what the concept “productivity” and “cross-platform” will be ever-expanding.

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