ENG [#VS2015] String Interpolation and #ReSharper, you must love it!


A few days ago I wrote a post about one of the new capabilities that we have thanks to Roslyn: [String.Format () vs String Interpolation]. As a final conclusion, if you want to share code with Visual Studio 2013, you should not use it.

However, today ReSharper encourages me to use the String Interpolation feature because is one of the options that we find in R# smart actions, convert String.Format() to String Interpolation.


Yesterday on twitter, someone told me that maybe this affected the clarity of the code. Well, in the following example a conversion of a String.Format there with more than 20 arguments, I think I prefer the end result

RS String Interpolation

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

One thought on “ENG [#VS2015] String Interpolation and #ReSharper, you must love it!”

  1. I don’t like it, and prefer syntax like string.Join(“, “, Age, AgeConfidence…….) for your override.


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