#VS2017 – Visible Keyboard shortcuts in the IDE thanks to #ReSharper !

Hi !

If you know me, you probably noted that, when I’m programming, I hardly use the mouse, I like to use keyboard shortcuts. This is very useful for me, however it can became an issue when I need to share my screen and do some coworking. In example when I’m doing a code review or when I’m sharing and explaining some piece of code in a remote learning class.

A couple of times, someone asked me: What did you do? And I need to think back on my steps to find some automated tasks I perform (there are some tasks I even did not realize are part of my coding process). So, after find this, I can go back and explain those steps.

During this days, I was part of this type of job, so I was looking for a tool / artifact with can help me with this. I did not find anything related to Visual Studio 2017, however a nice ReSharper extension worked for me: ReSharper Presentation Assistant.

This extension as simple as powerful: the extension displays, in real time, a small popup tile window with the shortcut and action we are pressing in the IDE.

In example, in the next animation, you can see the shortcuts I use to delete all breakpoints, perform some refactoring, comment a line, etc.

2017 05 03 VS2017 ReSharper Visual Assistant 01

This is a very useful extension. And we also have the chance to access to the source code, so it is a nice opportunity to learn about the ReSharper extension model!

Happy Coding !

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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