ENG [#CLION] #JetBrains new IDE for C/C++


I wrote a post a couple of days ago about how ReSharper for Visual Studio now supports C++, and now JetBrains team has just published a very nice IDE for your C/C++ projects. This new product name is CLion and is quite interesting.

On the home page of the product, are all the most important features, so take a look. Like every other JetBrains product, the licensing model is split in levels: enterprise level and individuals. With special offers for students, startups, etc.

When you start to use the product, you get the special feeling of a JetBrains products. In example, in the configuration of the working environment you find GIT, TFS, optional integration with TeamCity, etc.


Next step is try to import a project created with Visual Studio 2015.

In example, import a console app, in a Hello world mode, works nice. First you should select the files that you want to import


And in a few steps you will have your console application up and running on CLion.


I’ll spend a little more time this weekend to test the other features in the IDE. I will try to make some evolution of any app using CLion as main IDE.

Important: If you plan to continue using Visual Studio 2015 as main IDE for C++, be careful in this CLion installer options screen.


More information on the CLion blog and in the twitter account @clion_ide 

Saludos @ Home

/El Bruno

Home: https://www.jetbrains.com/clion/features/

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