#JetBrains – Rider 2017.1 released!. A new multi-platform IDE to create .Net Apps

Hi !

It seems that it was yesterday when JetBrains share the news that they were going to create a .Net IDE  (see References). If you use Visual Studio in any of its versions, you probably know ReSharper. Like every tool, he has his followers and his detractors, I’m in the 1st group. The native integration with R# is mostly focuses on tasks to improve productivity or give more quality to the source code, and that’s something everyone appreciates.

Besides R#, JetBrains has other products and each one of them has very good reviews in the developer community. I have used, DotCover and DotPeek, and my experience has been great. The same I have heard of people who have used TeamCity or Youtrack. In a nutshell, JetBrains makes high quality tools.

That’s why, when they announced a multi-platform IDE, there was a lot of excitement in the C# developer community. The final version supports the development in Windows, Mac and Linux for Apps written in ASP.Net, .Net core, .Net, Xamarin and even Unity3D (I have to take a deeper look to this one here). I will not go into details as the official post covers all the information of the launch. That if, the next official video of rider is 100% recommended

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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