#RaspberryPi – Where is my Add/Remove programs? let’s use Synaptic

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When I wrote about the latest version of Visual Studio Code working on the Raspberry Pi, I realize that I used a couple of commands to find an installed application.

The following command will list all the installed apps

sudo apt list --installed

Which is great, but hard to read in bash mode. So that’s why I use grep to filter for the app I want.

sudo apt list --installed | grep -i code-oss

So far, so good. The command did the trick, and I got my result: app name, version and details. However, as a long time Windows user, I was wondering if Linux users have a visual interface for this. And then I found: Synaptic.

The command to install Synaptic is maybe the last command we will use to install or uninstall an app

sudo apt install synaptic -y

And then we can launch the app using this command, and it’s need to be with sudo permissions (learned in the hard way)

sudo synaptic

At this moment, I can browse in the all list of apps. And I can quickly perform a search for my installed Visual Studio Code.

I get the result, with details, version and more.

And if you are wondering what’s the main difference with the bash command? So, I didn’t need to search and learn a command, the universal visual clue of the magnifier, or the search button were good enough for me.

Playing around with the app, I found I can display much more information for each installed app. Which is great, because I start to understand the idea and concepts of dependencies, where Linux install software, etc.

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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