#RaspberryPi – Connect to ☁ Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge using Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

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This is an easy one, however I may write these down to complete the series of posts on Azure Storage Blob on IoT Edge.

Azure Storage Explorer is a free tool to easily manage your Azure cloud storage resources anywhere, from Windows, macOS, or Linux (see references).

You can add your Azure Credentials to access to your cloud resources, and if you are using a Storage in the Edge, you can create a connection string based on this template

DefaultEndpointsProtocol=http;BlobEndpoint=http://<device IP>:11002/<account name>;AccountName=<account name>;AccountKey=<account key>;

Where the 2 of 3 main values comes from the Azure Storage Blob on IoT Edge configuration (See previous post)

  • Device IP
  • Account Name
  • Account Key

Once you created your connection string, you can add a new connection in the tool. Right click on [Local and Attached // Storage Accounts], select [Connect to Azure Storage] and select the use Connection String option.

In the previous image we can see the access to 2 edge devices a Raspbian and an Ubuntu device. The 2nd one deserves a new post, there are some know errors here.


Happy coding!


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