#MLNET – ML.NET has turned 1 ! :D

Hi !

I was updating my demos for Chicago CodeCamp, when I realized that Machine Learning.Net released the version 1.0 a couple of days ago!

When I was searching for the Microsoft.ML NuGet package, I find that the preview was not the latest version anymore, the official 1.0.0 was available.

2 clicks later, I found the announcement in the GitHub repository for ML.Net.

ML.NET 1.0.0 Release https://github.com/dotnet/machinelearning/blob/master/docs/release-notes/1.0.0/release-1.0.0.md

These are amazing news for a great framework, and I’m sure that the official release will be announced during Build this week.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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