#MLNET – Error ‘Entry point ‘Trainers.LightGbmClassifier’ not found’ and how to fix it


Monday Tip hoping to save you some time if someone finds this error


System.InvalidOperationException: ‘Entry point ‘Trainers.LightGbmClassifier’ not found’

Before going on, let me share a little context. In the current version of Machine Learning.Net [0.3.0] we have a couple of new Trainers. One of them is LightGBM. This Framework allows us to perform supervised sorting tasks in binary mode, multiple categories and more. In the MSDN blog post for the version 0.3.0 of ML.Net, this framework is well described, with also a very interesting definition

The definition for LightGBM in ‘Machine Learning lingo’ is: A high-performance gradient boosting framework based on decision tree algorithms.

Well after choosing a test data set which I know well, I decided to move on and try this new Trainer. Once I had created all the infrastructure necessary to use the Framework, I found the error I mentioned at the beginning of the post. And I didn’t like it at all. If you know a little bit of Windows, you know that type errors [Entry Point] never predict anything good.

Well, it was time to start investigating what was going on. I will not enumerate all the steps and tests I did, but only comment that I get to download and debug the source code of Machine Learning.Net. Although as usually happens in these cases, the solution was much simpler. Just look at the following lines of code


You have to download a NuGet package to use LightBGM!

15 seconds later I had everything up and running to try the new Trainer!


Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

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