#Office365 – Plan your Time Away and Focus Time. This is super important, and easy thanks to My Analytics

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Hi !

Thanks for the great feedback on this topic. Today, I’ll share a typical Monday Routine for me

Plan my weekly Focus Time and Time Away.

I used to do this manually, now thanks to My Analytics this is just 2 clicks. And, also fairly accurate. You can do this in the My Analytics site, I’m an Outlook person so, in the main Insight panel I access to this 2 options

  • Plan your time away
  • Focus Time every day

In example, Focus Time will show the following screen. Here we can automatically schedule 1-2 hours per day to focus. Just click [Book time now] and it will find empty spots in your calendar for this.

office 365 my analytics insights  schedule focus time

This is super awesome, and also super good for our well-being.

Microsoft Research and the importance of breaks and focus time

If someone ask you “Why do you have this Focus time?”, and they expect a more formal answer, this may help. Microsoft Research. They shared a set of articles about the importance of work breaks and β€œworkplace detachment and reattachment” as part of the Microsoft Research group. This information is available here.

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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