“The time to embrace OpenXR is now”

A couple of months ago I took a VR Development course in which I got my first glimpse of OpenXR.

What is OpenXR?

Khronos Group launched OpenXR 1.0 last July 2019. OpenXR is an API (Application Programming Interface) that provides high-performance access to XR platforms and devices. Is the interface between an application and an in-process or out-of-process “XR runtime system”.It enables applications and engines, including WebXR, to run on any system that exposes the OpenXR APIs. With this, developers can focus on one build of their VR title and it will ‘just work’ across the entire PC VR ecosystem.

Graphic showing landscape after OpenXR

What is Khronos group?

Khronos® Group, is an open consortium of industry-leading companies creating graphics and compute interoperability standards. 

CodeWeavers Joins The Khronos Group Along With IKEA - Phoronix

Industry Support for OpenXR 

The standard is seeing broad support by a wide selection of industry companies and devices including Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headsets, HoloLens 2, Rift, SteamVR, and Quest…

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