#Event – #GlobalAIBootcamp, thanks to @AvanadeInc and @MicrosoftCanada, here are some resources, feedback and more !

Buy Me A Coffee

Hi !

The Global AI Bootcamp 2019 was a huge success, just take a look at this photo during the keynote

And remember, this was the weather during the day, cold and snow. Even so, we had ~200 attendees at the Microsoft Offices in Mississauga.

Speakers and Volunteers

We had an amazing set of volunteers and speakers, and I’m afraid I’m missing some names, so here it goes a photo of both:


Our 2 main sponsors were Avanade and Microsoft, thanks !

And, as we did in previous events, instead of having swag, we prefer to donate to a charity for every interaction we had at our booth!


This year Agenda was amazing, and it’s tricky to summarize it in a single image

Take a look at this post: https://elbruno.com/2019/12/10/event-globalaibootcamp-2019-we-got-an-amazing-agenda-take-a-look/

Resources and Feedback

I’ll leave some feedback and general tweets at the end of this post.

As a bonus, here it goes my slides around Auto ML with Machine Learning.Net.

Here is the official Keynote:


And tweets, more tweets

Happy Coding !

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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