#VS2017 – Thanks to Visual Studio Feedback, 20 days later, we got a new Release with some bug fixed!

Hola ! Hace unas horas se ha liberado una nueva actualización para Visual Studio 2017. Se trata de la build 26228.10 (link) y en la misma podemos ver que se han solucionado 8 errores reportados por la comunidad. Lo interesante de este escenario es que estos errores se han reportado durante los primeros días “de […]

Hi !

A few hours ago a new Visual Studio 2017 build was released as an update. The build 26228.10 (link) fixed 8 issues, which were created by the community of Visual Studio users.

A nice line to read here is the timeline of the events. Visual Studio 2017 was officially released on March 7th, so it is ~20 days old. In this time, we already have 2 updates (releases) which fixed a lot of issues. The complete list of releases can be read here:

Release History

And the cool thing about this, is most of the improvements of Visual Studio 2017 are based on the reporting/sharing experience of the users using the Visual Studio Feedback tool. Just in case you don’t know it, it’s very easy to report an issue.

Just, type feedback in the Quick Search box and you will get

  • Report a Problem
  • Provide a Suggestion
  • Rate this Product


You need to use your visualStudio.com id in the tool and you are already in the “Visual Studio Feedback“.  And that’s it, you can create a new issue, and also very important: you can search in other users topics. In example, these are the Unit3D topics until today..


So, if you have any problem with Visual Studio 2017, this is a very useful. In example: In some entries, you can also find a “non official” solution related to the topic, so you save some time before the official solution.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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