#VS2017 – nickname installation on Visual Studio!


I was installing the latest version of Visual Studio 2017 RC from scratch and I realize that now we have available the “nickname installation” option. This functionality had been presented some time ago, but it still wasn’t active for the general public.



Within the main view of installation, we can found this option in the bottom right as “Installation nickname”. The best way to explain this is think an scenario where you can have several instances of VS2017 side-by-side in the same computer.

This is especially useful when we have different configurations for different development environments.

Important: Visual Studio is not only a tool of .Net development. Now that it covers many different options, many platforms, languages, and more. That´s why this option to have these “installation sandboxes” as isolated environments is kind of interesting.

The operation is very simple. The first thing we must do is to define a nickname, for example, in this image I create an instance dedicated for development with HoloLens.


Once installed, you will see that we have a Visual Studio 2017 instance with the same name in our shortcuts or in the list of programs.


As well, until here is a novelty on the installation of the IDE. That Yes, I have to check how much shared space is common among facilities, because if you want invest + 30 GB of space for each instance, so unhelpful I see it on a laptop with a small disc.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


  1. Hi There,

    What has been your experience so far for developing applications on the HoloLens using VS 2017? Hold off installing VS 2017 or worth checking out?



    1. Hi Jason

      I’m not a deep Hololens developer, however so far the set VS2017 and Unity 5.6 Beta works fine. There are some strange behaviors, but I never lost any piece of work. Only restart the IDE or the Unity Editor and go back to work.



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