#VS2017 – How to select the components to install in each WorkLoad (ie: avoid #Unity3D)


I’ve already written a couple of posts on the new installation experience in Visual Studio 2017 (link). I really like to have the chance to select workloads instead of selecting component one by one.


Note: In the latest Visual Studio 2017 RC version some of these workloads have disappeared since “have not passed the quality bar” for the final product. They will be published as packages apart to integrate with Visual Studio 2017.

An important detail when we use this method of installation is to make sure we only install what we need. For example, I am working with a Beta version of Unity3D and the default VS2017 installs an earlier version of Unity3D. At the end, I’ll have 2 versions of Unity3D, and this is something that I don’t need.

As well, let’s see how to do this in 2 simple steps.


  • We started with the Visual Studio 2017 Installation window.


  • When we select the Workload of “Game Development with Unity”, we can see how on the “Summary” section we can find the components that are installed.


  • If we uncheck Unity, we will see that we have… save 4 GB on disk space!


  • Another way to to this is to review the list of “Individual Components”. ย We can find “Unity Editor ” in the “Games and Graphics” section.


  • And that’s it! We can begin installing our “custom” version of Visual Studio 2017 ๐Ÿ˜€


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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