#Podcast – ServerLess computing, #Azure Functions, #Amazon Lambda and more ! (Spanish)


Hi !

Today’s episode is a return to the more technical episodes. In this one, I am lucky to talk with David Rodriguez (@davidjrh) y Pedro J. Molina (@pmolinam) about Serverless Computing. We started with a review on as has evolved Azure from AppServices until the concept of today’s Azure Functions. But of course, when you speak with these 2 smart dudes we ended end up talking topics as:

  • Continuous Deployment with Azure Functions, including supported by DropBox
  • Azure Functions and the Azure Calculator
  • Languages supported on different platforms: Azure Functions, Lambda Amazon Web Service, IBM OpenWhisk
  • Swift as a backend language?
  • Edit functions in a web editor or an IDE?
  • Need debugging in production? (I am sharpening the axe…)
  • If a function requires to run for more than 5 minutes, is it still a function? Or it should be something else?
  • Amazon Echo and Alexa
  • Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps and Azure Functions
  • Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions

And much more. The talk has been interesting, hope that it enjoy. PODCAST LINK

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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