#VS2017 – Visual Studio 2017 Update 3 released: .Net Core 2.0, #AzureFunctions and more

Hello ! Now that we only have a version of Visual Studio 2017, every time an update of the big ones appears, it's time to slow down and see what new features are there. In the case of Visual Studio 2017 15.3, IMHO the 2 biggest new features are .Net Core 2.0, I suppose I [...]


#Podcast – ServerLess computing, #Azure Functions, #Amazon Lambda and more ! (Spanish)

Hi ! Today's episode is a return to the more technical episodes. In this one, I am lucky to talk with David Rodriguez (@davidjrh) y Pedro J. Molina (@pmolinam) about Serverless Computing. We started with a review on as has evolved Azure from AppServices until the concept of today's Azure Functions. But of course, when [...]

#Podcast – ServerLess computing, #Azure Functions, #Amazon Lambda y más !

Hola ! El episodio de hoy es una vuelta a los episodios más técnicos. En este caso tengo la suerte de hablar con David Rodriguez (@davidjrh) y Pedro J. Molina (@pmolinam) sobre Serverless computing. Empezamos con un repaso sobre como ha evolucionado Azure desde AppServices hasta el concepto de hoy de Azure Functions. Pero claro, [...]