#Podcast – ServerLess computing, #Azure Functions, #Amazon Lambda and more ! (Spanish)

Hi ! Today's episode is a return to the more technical episodes. In this one, I am lucky to talk with David Rodriguez (@davidjrh) y Pedro J. Molina (@pmolinam) about Serverless Computing. We started with a review on as has evolved Azure from AppServices until the concept of today's Azure Functions. But of course, when [...]


#Podcast – ServerLess computing, #Azure Functions, #Amazon Lambda y más !

Hola ! El episodio de hoy es una vuelta a los episodios más técnicos. En este caso tengo la suerte de hablar con David Rodriguez (@davidjrh) y Pedro J. Molina (@pmolinam) sobre Serverless computing. Empezamos con un repaso sobre como ha evolucionado Azure desde AppServices hasta el concepto de hoy de Azure Functions. Pero claro, [...]

#Office – Mejora tus capacidades de presentación en público (Bonus: aprovecha las novedades de edición y colaboración en #PowerPoint)

Hola ! Hoy vamos con un 2 por 1. Hablando en público Todavía recuerdo el día en el que David Salgado (@davidsb) me presento el Libro Resonate: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences (ver referencias). Fue hace bastantes años, en la oficina de Microsoft en Madrid y este libro me ayudó a comprender que detrás de toda [...]

#Podcast – Digital vs. physical boards, a bit of ALM, Jeff Bezos 2 pizzas rule and more (Spanish)

Hello! New podcast episode, this one talking about digital boards versus physical boards with Luis Fraile (@lfraile) and Pablo Escribano (@_pabloescribano). Actually that's how we started, then by the way we started talking about ALM, best practices, and various other topics. For these 50 minutes, we think ans shared our point of view for several questions We let carry [...]

[#IOT] Glitter problems at home, Amazon #Dash and Azure #MachineLearning

Hello! A couple of days I was painting with my 5-year-old girl and we realized that we had been out of glitter. As a parent this is one of the moments more happy complicated ever. Glitter is something that girls love to use in their art work. However, I discovered in the bad way that GLITTER is impossible to [...]