#VS2015 – PostHaste, share your code snippets with just one click! (to a #Raspberry Pi ;) #VSGallery


Today is Visual Studio 2015 extension friday’s one more time. You surely know PasteBin or GistHub, as repositories for code snippets. Today, thanks to this extension, I added one more to the list: HasteBin.

The operation of the extension is very simple:

  • Select a portion of code
  • Display the context menu and select Post Haste
  • This action will publish the code in HasteBin and copy to the Clipboard the Url of publication
  • Then you can browse the code snippet

An live sample

The interesting thing about this service is that it is based on node.js and consumes few resources. For example; there are articles about how to host it in a Raspberry Pi 2 😉

By default HasteBin treats the code as text snippets with format Mark Down, but you can also work as plain text. You can also upload, modify, or delete code snippets from command line.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno


– Post Haste https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/f3ccaa45-c306-44bd-b435-495132d3383f

– John Crepezzi @hastebin https://twitter.com/hastebin

– PasteBin http://pastebin.com/

– GistHub https://gist.github.com/elbruno

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