[#HOLOLENS] Updates on the #FAQ

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Quick post today because I’m without internet. Next week we will have plenty of interesting news related to HoloLensduring the //Build event.

However, it seems that a non scheduled publish action was run yesterday and now we can see some interesting details on the new HoloLens main page (link)

For example

-The core of this new programming model will be Holograms

All Universal Windows Apps support this Holograms model. If you read between lines you can understand that this will be part of Windows 10 for tablets, laptops and smart phones (holograms in Windows Phones)

Programming of holograms will surely be based on XAML for 2D and 3D models (something which I already mentioned here)

– The HPU name is still feels to my a science fiction name. However you must love the idea and features for the Holographic Processing.

-The interaction with the Holograms will be 100% natural: hand gestures and voice commands .

So that, the next week we will have new features more than interesting, meanwhile to continue waiting for 😀

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

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