#Podcast – IT for children (… your perfect excuse to get cool gadgets / toys)

Hello! Today's episode is also very special to me. Because I have the excuse to reconnect with Roya (@RoyaChang) to talk about computer science for children. Roya tells me about his experience at Microsoft. When, among other things, she helped with the first "Hour of Code" events in Spain. During the chat, we also talked [...]


#Podcast – Informatica para niños (… esa excusa para que juguemos los mayores)

Hola ! El episodio de hoy es uno de esos especiales para mí, ya que tengo la excusa de volver a conectar con Roya (@RoyaChang) para hablar sobre informática para niños. Roya me cuenta su experiencia en Microsoft. Cuando, entre otras cosas, ayudó con los primeros eventos "Hour of Code" en España. En el camino, [...]

[#CODE] #HourOfCode: Thanks #Microsoft and plenty of fun for children !!!

Hello! A couple of weeks ago I talked about the initiative of Hour of Code and how Microsoft Spain helped us with this initiative. For privacy reasons, I can not share my personal experience to everyone; but I must say it's the most fun thing I've done during the year. However, I think I should encourage everyone to use [...]