#HOUROFCODE – Now is #Minecraft time


A year ago I was lucky enough to be part in an Hour of Code in my kids school. Among all the sessions that I did during the year, I think that it was one of the most rewarding ones.

Last year, the available exercises included some generic ones with very popular characters like Frozen or Angry Birds, so they are closer to the children.

This year, the choice has been Minecraft and I think has been a great success. On the one hand, Minecraft is very popular among children aged 7 or 8 years; and also the basic notions of programming of the characters of Minecreaft is… THE SAME AS IS SEEN IN THE GAME!

The system that occurs is similar to Scratch, where with small blocks of stock control a character within the world of Minecraft. The following example shows a classical action of this world, to move and collect wood!!

2015 11 18 hourof code minecraft

Once defined these sequences, also we can see the code generated for these actions javascript(). For a 7-year-old boy, maybe this is not interesting, for some older perhaps it might be a good time to begin to understand how this works.

On the official website, there are many resources to carry forward an Hour Of Code in a school, for children from 5 to 18 years. If you want to have a fun time, I recommend that you notes as a collaborator and then share your experience!

Saludos @ Barcelona

– El Bruno


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