#HourOfCode – #MineCraft time again and now also #Designer mode


A year ago, I wrote about how we can use Minecraft to learn to program as part of the Hour Of Code program.


2015 11 18 hourof code minecraft

This is a very good initiative and it will help a lot our children, they can start to understand the way in which a computer solves problems.


Note: I am not among those who believe that everyone must learn how to program. I believe that each person has their capabilities and perhaps some of them may not adapt well to think in a logical way. To me, the important topic, is explaining to our children the way in which a computer solves problems, and encourage them to help them learn this kind of knowledge.

This year we have some new in Minecraft program: the possibility of learning in Designer mode or Adventurer mode. Both work in a similar way, where using Scratch can bring to our characters to perform some tasks.


There is also an Offline mode which allows us to have the complete chapters list ready to work and learn without having to connect to the internet. I know what I’m going to use during my next international trip with my kids.


And I must also comment that there are specific materials for teachers (link):

As always the best way to explain this is using 2

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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