[#CODE] #HourOfCode: Thanks #Microsoft and plenty of fun for children !!!


A couple of weeks ago I talked about the initiative of Hour of Code and how Microsoft Spain helped us with this initiative. For privacy reasons, I can not share my personal experience to everyone; but I must say it’s the most fun thing I’ve done during the year. However, I think I should encourage everyone to use this materiales to have fun with children, we have plenty of materials to have fun and learn something.

In my case, with Valentino (6 years old) and Martina (4 years old), I think that I can leave 2 nice examples for each one.

For Valentino an “Angry Birds Maze Solver”. This kind of activity proposes a building blocks model to move an bird to crash a pig. The truth is that it is very entertaining and children understands the basics very quickly.

Hour of Code - Sample 01

Usually these games tend to have multiple levels and complexity increasing at each new level.

For example, in the following video you have to play as ANNA from Frozen, you have to go through a square. In this case, we should not only specify the movements, but that we also have the possibility to define the distance to travel in “pixels” (as I’ve suggested to change by steps), and also define turns left or right.

Hour of Code - Sample 02

If, at some point, the problem is “poorly solved”, then no problem >> keep trying until you reach the right solution 😀

And as a special bonus, at the end of every problem you can see the generated code for that scenario.

If you want to go a step further, you can even “create your own bird flappy😉

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno


Learn Hour of Code

Angry Birds walkthrough

Code with Anna and Elsa (Frozen)

Create Flappy Bird

PS: At this point you should insert a video playing and singing at the piano song Frozen with Martina. Better a photo of singing the song in the car 😉


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