#Office – Clippy is back in Office (powered by #AI)

Hi !

I’ve already share some of the new AI features in Office, like Excel Ideas or real-time captions / subtitles in PowerPoint.

Today I’ll switch to Office editor, to share something amazing. I added Clippy to this post title and the idea is similar to the Clippy intents a long time ago:

An AI assistant will analyze the text while you are writing it or reading it, and it will suggest actions related to this text.

A single image is the best way to show this

I received this email last week and I notice that part of the text was automatically highlighted and show an amazing suggestion. It seems that the Word, Outlook editor is becoming more and more intelligent.

And I’m really looking forward to some extensibility SDK, so someone can really bring back Clippy at 100%

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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