[Xamarin UI Challenge] Art Plant Mall (English Version)

Javier Suárez | Blog

The challenge

I am going for a new user interface challenge with Xamarin.Forms.In this article, we are going to take as reference a Dribbble design (by JIANGGM), and we will try to replicate it using Xamarin.Forms step by step.

Art Plant Mall

The challenges of the sample

Despite being a nice design, there are no very complex challenges, but we have many small details:

  • List of plants: The CollectionView is not only an important improvement in performance when working with collections, also with different layouts (horizontal listings, GridViews, etc.). In this case we need two columns, something simple now using the CollectionView.
  • Sliding menu from the bottom: The sliding menu is one of the most important parts of the sample. We can achieve this result in a simple way with plugins like SlideOverKit. However, in this sample we are going to create something simple…

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