#Camtasia – Remind to add [Noise Removal] effect to your audio tracks! #TechSmith


I’ll leave this tip / reminder here, because it seems weird for that I forgot this after all this time.

So, I was finishing the edit process in some Machine Learning videos with Camtasia, and @JuanKRuiz told me to improve the audio quality. And of course, it’s as simple as add the [Noise Removal] effect in Camtasia (see references).

There are 2 ways to use this effect

  • You can just add the effect to one of your tracks. This is the default option, and it works great smoothing the background noises in the audio track.
  • You can add the effect and then analyze the audio. This option will use more resources, because it will analyze the audio track to detect pikes and anomalies and will remove those noises. Be aware, that this option will use some CPU / RAM and it may take some time.

Back in my NTN podcast days, I used to use this effect a lot! It was amazing how it removes some noise like keyboard typing, cars noise and children playing in the swimming pool!

So, you know, if you are editing a video or audio track and you want to improve the audio quality, Noise Removal is a must do.

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno



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