#VS2017 – Debug // ReAttach to process, so cool !

Hi !

I was debugging an UWP App and suddenly I see this new option in the debug menu inside Visual Studio 2017: Debug // Reattach to Process.


The name is enough to understand the main objective of the menu. Even so, the idea is great. In the MSDN Blog they describe the complete flow on how to use it, somehow similar to this one:

  1. When we start a debugging session and we attach to a process, Visual Studio stores some information about this process and enable the option “Reattach to Process …”
  2. If we select this option, the IDE looks for a process with the same ID and process name. When it founds the process it will automatically attach to the process.
  3. If the IDE could not find a process based on process ID and process name, a new search will be started using only process Name. As before, if a process is found, the IDE will automatically attach to the process.
  4. If the IDE found more than one process with the same name, it will display the attach to process window with the processes so we can select the process or processes to attach.

And a very cool feature.

If we attach to more than one process during a debugging session, the option “Reattach to process …” will automatically try to attach to all of this process when we click on this option

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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