#Hololens – About #HoloToolkit updates and how to find which assets are necessary we need to use


Monday quick post while I’m preparing a test environment/demo for Office 365. A few days ago Ridley told me that my examples on “How to place a Hologram using AirTap” had some syntax errors since classes like GestureManager and HandsManager no longer exist in HoloToolkit.

Indeed, on this, I already wrote some time ago. On the need to manually create and update the HoloToolkit package, if we want to use any of its new features. The best way to do this is on this post, “Hololens – This is the right way to work with #Unity packages and HoloToolkit“.

I have to admit, while I frequently upgrade the main projects in which I am working, the examples that come with the posts are “in a vacuum”. But it seems I´m not the only one (which is no good at all!), you can also face something similar on the Holographic Academy Tutorials (link). Most of these tutorials are based on an old HoloToolkit version and many of the assets that are used there no longer exist today. They are in fact different, have been separated in several assets or have been included in other.

The best way to see that scripts are now necessary is as follows. For example, on a project already set up for Hololens in Unity3D with the latest version of HoloToolkit, we can see one of the sample scenes to understand what happens in the asset/source code world. In this case, I choose “ManualCameraControl”.


In this I see some new features..

  • The Camera object is now called “HololensCamera”
  • Within “Managers // InputManager” we can see the scene use several scripts, including one called “InputManager”
  • The code of this script let me clear that it refers to “GazeManager” and in GazeManager.cs I also meet some surprises

So this is the main I learn to work with HoloToolkit. I know is not the best way (maybe?), but it works for me. If for example, we go to the HoloToolkit Wiki (link) we will see that these docs update date is June 2016, so we best skip them and



It is always good to have an excuse to read source code 😀

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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