[#XAMARIN] Estimote beacons + #StarWars = true


I’m going to share a couple of posts on Xamarin and Beacons in the next few days. I’m going to use Estimote for the first posts. So, today I realize that some beacons run out of battery.

So, a normal tech dude will throw them out. Me, on the other side, think to open them to see what’s inside (I know, bye bye warranty). But I was shocked when inside the beacon I found a … Millennium Falcon !!!


Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno



  1. Hi Bruno,

    This is Wojtek from Estimote. Glad you like the PCB design and can’t wait to read your posts on developing with beacons and Xamarin. Drop me a line to wojtek[at]estimote[dot]com and we’ll send you new enclosures for free!

    And may the force be with you =)


    1. Hi Wojtek !

      Thanks for pass by! I’ve already order a couple more of Estimote (someone is going to pick them up in NRF @NewYork and bring them back to Spain), but I REALLY THANK YOU for the new enclosures

      By the way, Estimote beacons really rocks !



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