[#WINDOWS] HowTo: Crear una maquina virtual a partir de un SO real pues con Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.0

Hola! A punto de partir para Berlin, me encuentro con que una tarea que hace años tardaba casi un día ahora se ha completado en minutos ... gracias a unos discos SSDs my rápidos y a Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.0 Además tenemos un bonus que es la capacidad de convertir imágenes VMWare hacia imágenes [...]


[#RESHARPER] ReSharper 9.0 EAP available to everyone ;)

Hello!!! Quick weekend post: everyone can try the version for Early Adopters of ReSharper 9, it is downloaded from their nightly builds, and today the more stable available is from October 21. In addition, interesting novelty is the possibility to use it and test it in Visual Studio. Best regards /El Bruno Download: http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/ReSharper/ReSharper+9.0+EAP

[#KINECTSDK] Kinect for Windows SDK V2 Final Release, adapter for Kinect of XBoxOne and a couple of very cool apps

Hello! great day for Kinect Developers. First the SDK to version 2.0 has been released in mode "release". So no more excuses to not create apps for Windows 8.1 (and 10), now they are fully supported, the SDK is stable and there is no excuse 😉 Another interesting topic, now we have a special adapter (US$ S49.99) [...]

[#TFS] Microsoft Leader in Gartner magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites

Hello! Every year the suite of Visual Studio ALM improves in every aspect, today recognition is dedicated to the testing stuff. The current version included in Visual Studio 2013 and 2013 Team Foundation Server is a big improvement over the 1st versions and also has improved in key areas such as reporting, adaptation to changes and [...]

[#TFS] Microsoft Leader in Gartner magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites

Hola! Hace un par de años que la suite de Testing de Visual Studio ALM sigue mejorando. La versión actual incluida en Visual Studio 2013 y Team Foundation Server 2013 es un avance muy grande con respecto a las 1ras versiones y además ha mejorado en aspectos fundamentales como es el reporting, adaptación a cambios [...]

[#TFS2013] TFS 2013 Update 4 Release Candidate, #Bugs in the #Kanban board and suggestions for Visual Studio ALM for free

Hello! more than one year ago, I wrote a post where I mentioned how to modify the default configuration in TFS2012 to use the WI type Bug on a Kanban board. Eventually TFS 2013 was available and I've to update the story with a little tweak, when you upgrade a TP deom 2012 the changes were lost on [...]