[#TFS] Microsoft Leader in Gartner magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites

Ms love linux


Every year the suite of Visual Studio ALM improves in every aspect, today recognition is dedicated to the testing stuff. The current version included in Visual Studio 2013 and 2013 Team Foundation Server is a big improvement over the 1st versions and also has improved in key areas such as reporting, adaptation to changes and customization.

This has been demonstrated within the report made by Gartner Analysts focused in quality tools. In this report Microsoft is within the top range of testing tools in the classic Magic Quadrant (which you can see here)

It is also interesting to see as within the weaknesses of Microsoft tools, they stressed that they are very oriented towards Microsoft development environments. Although that becomes the main virtue in the strengths, since if your working tool is Visual Studio, or you work with Azure, here the Visual Studio ALM tools become a #MustHave.

And when we started talking about the cloud world it is when testing tools (performance, scalability, etc) are starting to be in a gray area. Especially if we talk about the Microsoft cloud world. Since Microsoft’s CEO commented 2 days ago something like “Microsoft loves Linux“, that means that the testing tools that work so well integrated in Visual Studio now are transparent to any backend, maybe in Linux.

And here boundaries are not so clear, it is true that the testing tools are very complete for developments on Microsoft technologies. However, if Microsoft continues to open fronts such as Linux on Azure, as the support to Open Source projects, etc.; sometime testing tools will start to have to deploy hybrid environments or even delegate functionality to other suites.

Personally, I think that the big picture here is to understand how it is possible to integrate all of these options depending on the context you are working, and obviously, start playing the Magic Quadrant also as a guide to the evolution of tools, where we can see how MS has been gaining ground every year.

Best regards

/El Bruno

Source: http://www.gartner.com/technology/reprints.do?id=1-20TBOUS & ct = 140903 & st = sb

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